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June 26, 2016 | By: Ken, KB9I

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Welcome to the web site of Amateur Radio UFO Net: ARUFON.
Amateur Radio operators with an interest in the subject of UFOs and holding a valid license granting operating privileges on the net frequency are encouraged to participate.
If you are a Short Wave Listener who has enjoyed listening to our net and would like to communicate with us, please feel free to do so.
You may address your comments to the e-mail address shown on the page.
If you came to this page from one of the search engines and have no idea what those numbers and letters at the top of our page mean, don't despair! We will be glad to help you find out more about Amateur Radio, or tell you how you can hear the net on your Short Wave Receiver.
Just e-mail us below with your questions.
On the page you will find a sampling of links to some of the other
UFO, SCIENCE, and RADIO related sites on the web.
The list is not intended to be inclusive, but rather to provide a starting point
for cyber surfing to some of the topics that have been discussed by ARUFON.
Just point your mouse to them and click. Thanks for listening!

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