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Welcome To ARUFON!

Our purpose is to share informatin about
Amateur Radio, Science and UFO's with the world.

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The ARUFON frequency is: 3.845 on 75 meters

The ARUFON time is: Sundays at 7 PM EDT 2300 Z

The ARUFON ***7/24 *Echo Link Node = 712627

Yahoo Groups disbanded so please join us at groups.io
Register at this link

Annoucement of MADAR project

MADAR file Feb 12, 2017

MADAR file Feb 10, 2017

Ways to enjoy the ARUFON Net

Echolink http://www.echolink.org/faq.htm

The ARUFON presentation Rich, W1RV gave at the ARRL Boxboro, MA Convention last week

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