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June 26, 2016 | By: Ken, KB9I

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 W1RV with Stan Friedman

 W1RV with Betty Hill

Listening for intelligent life!

We have area 51 covered!

And you think you could escape these two???

Ken & William greet the alien!

Webmaster prepares for a fast get-away as aliens arrive!

 Webmaster adjusts his dish for extraterrestials.

Mike Rogers, Rich, W1RV, and Travis Walton


Happy Birthday, Jerry, KC2UT, 12/08/07



N2PCH (SK 2004)


WD8RNO (on the right) having lunch.

W9SOXW9SOX SK 1935-2003

K0CIN with Kevin Randle K0CIN with Kevin Randle on the left

 KC0DZF trying to keep cool.

Bob Moy, N8LCD / SK

Clyde, K1RVB / SK

Tim, VE9XA

Graham, VE3GBD

 Graham @ VE3JW

 George, KF2OC

George, KF2OC, and his lovely bride!

 Bob, WB2OGS, (SK 2004)

Jack, W9RNU, sent his pic of load coil and whole antenna mounted.
Click these links for full views Pic 1   Pic 2

Greg - KJ4DGE, runs the ARUFON Echolink Node

Stan - KD2CWD, previously N2GOK

Ron, W9RGM

 Dave Van Haaften WB0YQR / SK

Peter, ZL1PFB

Dennis, K9VMY and Ron N8NIX at the Chicago FM Club (CFMC) Hamfest in Belvidere, IL, September 10, 2011.